Kids grow up fast. They lose teeth, graduate and one day you'll look up and they've already moved out. Families stop tucking in their shirts and before you know it you have no proof the beautiful family that you once were! Don't let that opportunity pass you by and capture the happiness now. Capture all of the cute moments of being young or let your creative side come out and show people who you really are. The sky is the limit.

Fine Art Prints

I'm sure that your Aunt Sally is a lovely woman but does her picture over your sofa evoke appropriate emotions? Artwork is purchased to compliment a room. It's selected to compliment an individual's taste and to give a feeling or emotion that only a memory can.

Brent's fine art pieces are taken throughout the US and range from architecture to flora to things around you that you don't often notice the beauty of.


A bad design will turn away potential clients and keep people from purchasing your product. Really bad design has been known to make kittens cry.

Brent has specialized in designing bookcovers for more than ten years. Along with designing he also digitally captures and restores out of print books as well as designs custom graphics and layouts for any situation.

Digital Photo Restoration

Photographs can be a fragile medium. Sometimes photographs exposed to sunlight, high temps and relative humidity (and also kids and pets) can fade and deteriorate.

With digital restoration a digital, high resolution image is captured of the damaged photograph and great care is taken in cleaning up blemishes, adjusting color and rebuilding lost elements. The end result is a high quality digital image that will last forever.