Order Prints

All fine art prints are C-Print photographs and are available in a number of different sizes. Mats are 100% acid free ragmat and, in combination with a custom sized print, can fit any sized frame. All prints come with an acid free foamcore backing.

For a quote on a print please contact Brent via the contact link or send a message to his facebook page.

Portrait Quotes

Portrait sessions are scheduled in one hour sessions at a rate of $150/1st hour and $75/each additional hour. Sessions are done on location and there is no additional fee for locations within 20 miles of downtown Nashville.

After the photos are taken, a disc is supplied to you with all of the images for your review. Once the best shots are pulled up to 20 images will be postprocessed.

You will be supplied with discs containing all of the post processed images (as well as every image taken) in a print ready format. In addition, picture packages and matting options are also available.

Design Services

For design services, an initial meeting will be set up to determine the intent of the project and different possibilities. Services will be billed at $50/hr but a solid time estimate will be given before any project is started.

Photo Restoration

Photographs that are in need of restoration can vary greatly. A dust and scratches/discoloration situation can in some cases be just as difficult to resolves as rebuilding lost items. In other cases it may be a simple fix. Because of this estimates will be made on a photo by photo basis. A general rate of $35/hr applies.